“Building India Together” is the overall subject of the NAI DUNiYA NAI SOCH Social Responsibility programmes.
We have started our mission to help, uplift, and empower the less fortunate and unskilled segments of society.
to formalise these initiatives aimed at generating long-lasting social influence.In 2024, we proceeded to form the “Welfare foundation”. In order to guarantee maximum reach and long-lasting influence, the Foundation focuses on carrying out the work done through various forms of help, in diverse areas
Globally, environmental and social responsibility are becoming major issues, thus it is imperative to encourage sustainable production and consumption. By fusing technology-enabled user interfaces with social and behavioural communication tactics, the Welfare Foundation has positioned itself in line with the national and international ambition to build a more sustainable and responsible future. These initiatives seek to bring topics like recycling and e-waste management, employing green recycled materials in corporate operations, and encouraging responsible tourism to the attention of the general public and serve as a guide for responsible action.

Community Advancement

When working with communities, some of the current issues that call for immediate intervention are gender inequality, feelings of deprivation among various classes such as cultivators, industrial workers, and daily wage earners, changes in property relations in favour of the less privileged, and the impact of macro policies on micro levels.
According to the goals set forth by the GoI for community-level development, the Foundation will prioritise advancing community-centered initiatives to improve access to healthcare, education, and nutrition, as well as to better infrastructure, agriculture, and related fields. Vulnerable populations, including women and children, will receive particular attention.


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